CRYPTOCRACY  Feature Documentary

Fulwell 73 / Conch Studios  –  90 min


This feature length documentary follows controversial anarcho-capitalist Roger Ver, crypto financier Ryan Radloff and blockchain diplomat Perianne Boring over the course of one year on their separate journeys to decentralise and redefine money and power.  It provides an objective look at the politics and philosophies that underlie the origins of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and their potential to disrupt the world as we know it.

Production:  Fulwell 73 / Conch Studios
Exec Producer:  Leo Pearlman
Director:  Jake Witzenfeld
Co-Producer:  Heather Greenwood


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Cinema Stone
Theatrical Release – 23mins

Set in 1934, two affluent, middle-aged American women meet at a country house outside Rome. On the surface this is a reunion of childhood friends. It soon becomes obvious that there is a darker, more powerful agenda in play, as long hidden jealousies and hatreds begin to emerge, culminating in the disclosure of a devastating long-held secret.

Shorlisted: York Film Festival

Production: Cinema Stone
Director: Derek Coutts
Producer: Barbara Stone & Jordan Stone
Exec Producer: Rod McShane & Naomi Tate
Director of Photography: Mark Melville
Wardrobe: Jackie Budin

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Congo Red Films
Short Film – 8mins

Dark Comedy where a new superhero comes to the rescue.

Production: Congo Red Films
Director: Prasanna Puwanarajah
Producer: Otto Burnham
Director of Photography: Stuart Bentley
Actors: Harry Hadden-Paton, Daniel Millar

Winner:  Grand Prix, End Of The Pier International Film Festival

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COMRADES Feature Documentary

Simtar Productions  –  90min

Feature Length Documentary

An intimate snapshot of modern South Africa, Comrades is a vibrant character study following the conflicting journeys of seven diverse South Africans competing in the country’s most celebrated sporting event – the 90km Comrades marathon. The film also tells the extraordinary story of the Comrades Marathon itself- a race that has borne witness to the country’s social and political upheavals since 1921, emerging as a powerful symbol of unity and the ‘new’ South Africa.

Production:  Simtar Productions
Director:  Poppy Simpson & Dagmar Tatarczyk
Producer:  Poppy Simpson & Callen Hodgskiss
Co-Produder:  Jon Coutts
Director of Photography:  Michal Rulka

In Competition: International Documentary Festival Amsterdam November 2008 (First Appearance Award) Official Selection: Belfast Film Festival March 2009 Rhode Island International Film Festival 2009 Action on Film International Film Festival 2009 (Best Sports Documentary) New Orleans International Film Festival 2009

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