Channel 4   –   1hr

As the country prepares for the easing of lockdown, Old, Alone & Stuck at Home tells the stories of the elderly and vulnerable people self-isolating during the crisis for whom lockdown may endure for many more months. Charting their lives as they bunker down for the long-haul, it captures the unfolding dilemmas they face. Featuring people from all over the nation, filmed on location and by the people themselves, their stories convey with warmth, sadness and flashes of humour the immense challenge of being especially vulnerable in the midst of a pandemic. As the film unfolds, it reveals the hidden fault-line in British society between the vulnerable and the healthy, taking viewers poignantly into the lives of people for whom survival is going to be the hardest battle of all. Old, Alone & Stuck at Home is a wake-up call to the nation about the people who will be affected for many months to come.  

Narrator:  Imelda Staunton
Production:  Rogan Productions
Director / Producer:  Nick Green & Angie Mason
Executive Producers:  James Rogan
DoP:  Charlie Laing

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