ITV   –   1hr

For 17 years, a serial rapist known as ‘The Night Stalker’ terrorised the elderly population of South London. Yet although the perpetrator is believed to have committed over 100 offences, the case went largely underneath the public radar – a fact many attribute to the relative invisibility of the elderly victims.

Featuring interviews with senior detectives who worked on the case, this film unravels the hidden story behind the 17 year hunt for the Night Stalker – a story featuring agonising near misses, allegations of racism and a litany of police mistakes.

Finally, the film brings to life how how a 17 day stakeout – one of the largest the Met police has ever staged – finally brought the offender to justice.

Presented by Susanna Reid.

Production:  Optomen Productions
Director:  Edward McGown
Executive Producers:  Nick Hornby

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