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WINNER – True Crime Awards 2024

This captivating true crime series uunravels the chilling chronicles of four flight attendants brutally murdered during the 1970s and 1980s in Texas – Jeannie, Cheryl, Beverley, and Jeeta. Working for the same airline, their hauntingly similar deaths raise disturbing questions. While Jonathan Reed, a convicted rapist, was found guilty of the initial slaying, three subsequent murders occurred while he was incarcerated.

Across four compelling episodes, the narrative examines whether a potentially erroneous conviction has incarcerated an innocent man for four decades while another malevolent culprit remains elusive. Expert investigators and legal minds from both sides meticulously re-examine evidence and reconstruct timelines. This series intimately portrays these women, whose lives were tragically disrupted and through poignant interactions with their bereaved families, the agony of enduring decades of uncertainty comes to light, alongside the daunting prospect of appeals that might liberate a convicted murderer.

As modern DNA techniques and policing techniques come into play, the ultimate truth behind each woman’s fate is sought. Amidst a rich backdrop of archive footage revealing the heyday of American air travel, the series unveils the era’s newfound freedoms and glamour, exploring how airlines exploited the sexuality of their female staff for considerable marketing impact.


Production:  Flicker Productions
Director:  Jasleen Sethi Kaur
Executive Producers:  Colleen Flynn & Charlotte Nicholls
DoP:  Duncan Stingemore
Composer:  Matt Kelly

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