BBC 2   –   1hr

Powerful and emotional young people’s stories are at the heart of School. This brand-new series follows in unprecedented detail the tough decisions headteachers must make in these budget-stricken times – and their dramatic impact on the students in their care. The School Trust featured in the series is responsible for educating 5,000 children, and the problems it faces are typical of those faced by schools everywhere.

School will take viewers to the heart of the difficult issues, from increased class sizes and fewer support staff to a shorter school day and a more restricted curriculum. It will show the intricate workings of the system as teachers try to cater for the differing needs of a huge number of pupils, in a world where parents’ expectations are rising, exams are getting tougher and no two children are alike.


Commissioner: Patrick Holland & Clare Sillery
Production:  Label 1
Exec Producer:  Simon Dickson & Lorraine Charker-Phillips
Series Editor:  Hamish Fergusson
Series Producer:  Beatrice Smith
Director: Tim Lawton

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KJUS Hydrobot

KJUS Hydro_Bot

60s & 15s (various formats)

Short abstracted branded film to introduce the 7sphere Hydro_Bot jacket from KJUS, the world’s first jacket with breakthrough technology that allows you to control your sweat at the touch of a button.

The 60s & 15s versions of this film were re-edited to allow for landscape, portrait and share formats for various media platforms.


Director:  Nathan Gallagher

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THE 80s / 90s GREATEST   –   TV Series

National Geographic   –   3x  30min

The ’90s Greatest is a 10-part, fun-packed, nostalgia-filled series for National Geographic that features interviews with some of the decades’ favourite celebrities – looking at the greatest moments from the decade of sex, celebrity and scandal!
When the ‘90s kicked off, the Berlin Wall had just fallen and, across the nation, other walls were coming down – between public and private, news and entertainment, reality and fantasy. The lines were blurred like never before.

The ’80s Greatest is a 10-part, fun-packed, nostalgia-filled series for National Geographic that features interviews with some of the decades’ favourite celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, Michael J Fox, David Hasselhoff and Joan Collins.


Jon edited as part of a team, each editing multiple episodes across both series.

Production: Nutopia
Exec Producer: Ben Goold

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ARABIA with Levison Wood

ARABIA with Levinson Wood   –   TV Series

Sky Vision  |  Discovery Channel   –   1x 1hr

Levison Wood immerses himself in the worlds and cultures he visits like no other travel guide. In his fifth series with Sky Vision, he once again embarks on a rarely ventured route through challenging environments into remote corners of a little-understood land. Arabia. Beautifully filmed and with the warm and engaging Lev as our guide, Arabia tells the real story of the Middle East through its people. The series explores the lives and hopes of an eclectic range of characters – Syrian grandmothers, Iraqi snipers, shepherds, drug dealers, freedom fighters and nomads – and we hear Levison reflect throughout on how his preconceptions may have changed or remained during his most extraordinary adventure yet. With his elite military training, Levison has the necessary skills to tackle the very toughest challenges. And while he uses these skills to access remote communities and potentially hostile urban worlds, this is far from a simple survivalist story. Instead, Lev puts the people and the cultures he encounters at the heart of every story. Arabia is his most gripping, nuanced and ultimately heart-warming series to date, with majestic landscapes and ancient histories providing the backdrop to a fascinating and authentic depiction of the cultural diversity of the Middle East. From Iraq, the Gulf States, Oman and Yemen to Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Israel and Syria Levison ends his journey on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Lebanon.

With all episodes edited concurrently, Jon cut Levison’s trip from Oman, sneaking into Yemen via the back door. Wood’s mission is to immerse himself in the lives of locals and challenge the myths and stereotypes that plague this ancient land.

Production: Sky Vision & Blackmane Media
Series Director: Neil Bonner

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Channel 4 – 1x 30min

This fast turn-around, current affairs edit sees the US Embassy in London with a new Ambassador in place, a major relocation to a new site and an effort to strengthen and expand the ‘special relationship’ in the time of Brexit, Field Day Productions goes behind the scenes to show how a modern U.S. Embassy works at a pivotal moment in history.

Filmed over several months, the series gives insight into one of the world’s most important Embassies. The U.S. mission represents the Office of the President of the United States and protects its citizens abroad, its business interests and culture, and manages visa applications of would-be visitors to the United States.

Commissioner Ch4:  Dorothy Byrne
Production:  Field Day Productions
Series Producer & Director:  Simon Gilchrist
Executive Producers:  Sally Angel & Roger Graef
Producer:  Stephanie Chlond
Edit Producer:  John Deol

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