PANORAMA Crisis in Care

BBC1   –   2x 1hr

CRISIS IN CARE ‘ Who Cares?’ & ‘Who Pays?’ looks at the deepening crisis faced by the care system that supports older and disabled people across the country by following one local authority over 10 months – Somerset County Council. It spends nearly half its budget on adult social care. Like many local authorities, it is juggling rising demand for help against tightening finances.The films follow the council as it fights to balance its books.

Rogan Productions together with BBC Social Affairs Correspondent, Alison Holt, were granted exclusive access to see first-hand the difficulties faced by Somerset’s Director of Adult Social Services, his team of social workers and local politicians. The programmes show the impact of the financial squeeze on vulnerable people and the harsh truth of what that means for those needing care.

Jon came in to help edit the second episode.

Production:  BBC / Rogan Productions
Series Director / Producer:  Angie Mason
Executive Producers:  Roger Graef & James Rogan

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