BBC 2   –   1hr

Powerful and emotional young people’s stories are at the heart of School. This brand-new series follows in unprecedented detail the tough decisions headteachers must make in these budget-stricken times – and their dramatic impact on the students in their care. The School Trust featured in the series is responsible for educating 5,000 children, and the problems it faces are typical of those faced by schools everywhere.

School will take viewers to the heart of the difficult issues, from increased class sizes and fewer support staff to a shorter school day and a more restricted curriculum. It will show the intricate workings of the system as teachers try to cater for the differing needs of a huge number of pupils, in a world where parents’ expectations are rising, exams are getting tougher and no two children are alike.


Commissioner: Patrick Holland & Clare Sillery
Production:  Label 1
Exec Producer:  Simon Dickson & Lorraine Charker-Phillips
Series Editor:  Hamish Fergusson
Series Producer:  Beatrice Smith
Director: Tim Lawton

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