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It’s 2011 and Macchiarini is revolutionizing transplant medicine through his ground-breaking alternative to organ donation. To desperate patients Macchiarini’s plastic windpipes were the miracle they had longed for. But Macchiarini lied about his research and all but one of his patients endured excruciating deaths. And the only surviving patient had their plastic windpipe removed.

At the same time Macchiarini is also a brazen liar in his love life. Benita Alexander, Macchiarini’s one-time fiancé, recounts the astounding story of his web of lies in which he claimed renowned public figures like the Pope, the Clintons, the Obamas, Putin, and even Elton John were at his beck and call.

Featuring the courageous families of his victims, his former colleagues turned whistleblowers and never before heard revelations, this series follows the unrelenting fight to bring Macchiarini to justice. A cautionary tale of power, love, deception and betrayal.

Jon joined the brilliant edit team to work on the third and final episode.


Production:  Nutopia
Director:  Ben Steele
Exec Producer:  Nicola Moody & Jane Root
Co-Exec Producer:  David Herman

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